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Can I get a customized design?Updated 10 months ago

That depends.

Of course, it’s not impossible to make a custom design, but with our production process there is a minimum order quantity of 600 suits and we have to keep in mind that the delivery period would be about 6 months. If this is not a problem for you at all please contact our support team. Otherwise, it's best to take a look at our current range to see if one of our existing designs could be suitable for your purposes.

If you’d simply like to add a (company) logo or a text, it’s possible to purchase an existing design and have it printed on. However, you would have to initiate this process yourself, so we’d like to advise you to contact your local (textile) printing company. Should they ask; you can tell your local printing company that the suits are made out of open-woven, high-quality polyester and are therefore very suitable to be printed on. Many other customers have already done this.

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