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How do I know if a product is available? And what if it isn't available (right now)?Updated a year ago

Pretty much all of our products are continuously in stock. In that case, when you're at a product page and selecting a specific size, it wil say 'Available now'.

However, when a specific design/size is listed as out of stock this can mean 2 things; temporarily or permanently.

When a specific product/size notes 'Dispatch on ...', it means the size is currently not in stock, but that an upcoming shipping date is already known. When ordering such a product, the order will be placed on backorder and the complete order will be dispatched approximately around the given date. In other words; it gives you the chance to reserve a product before it is even available.

When the product lists 'Out of stock - click here to notify me by email when available again', you can click on this size and you will be shown a field where you can fill in your email address. As soon as the product is available for (pre-)ordering again you will be notified of this via email.

When the product only lists 'Out of stock', it unfortunately means this will not become available again. As our collection is rapidly growing, we sometimes have to decide to discontinue older designs to make room for new designs. This way we're able to present you with the freshest and best looking designs out there!

So, if a specific design/size (temporarily) isn't available anymore and you need to have something soon, the best thing is to choose an alternative design. Luckily we have dozens and dozens of designs, so we're absolutely positive that there's plenty enough to choose from that fits your needs.

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