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How do I order these beautiful products?Updated a year ago

1. Go to the page of the product you want.
2. To select a size, click on the specific size you want.
3. Make sure you check the quantity; if you'd like to order more items of this specific design and size, please adjust the number in the 'Qty' field.
4. Place the product(s) in your cart by clicking on 'Add To Cart'.
5. If you'd like to order more products, please repeat steps 1 to 4.
6. If you want to proceed to the checkout, please click 'Checkout' in the pop-up or click on 'CART' in the top of your screen.
7. In your cart, please fill in your address and contact information, select a shipping method and payment method and proceed by clicking 'Place Order'.
8. Follow the instructions to carry out the payment.
9. Prepare yourself for a new and exciting chapter of your life.

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