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I haven’t received any confirmation via email, how do I know if my order was successful?Updated 10 months ago

Whenever an order has been processed successfully you should receive at least 2 emails; an order confirmation (including your invoice) and a dispatch notification. When you're not receiving these emails, a couple of things could've happened:

- The emails could've ended up in your spam folder
- The emails could've been stopped by the spam filter from your email provider
- You could've accidentally filled in the wrong email address
- You could've accidentally made a typo in your email address
- The order or the transaction could've failed, thus not completing the order

Therefore please check your spam folder first. You could also check your bank account to see if a payment was made, but please be aware that this might not be a real-time accurate overview, depending on the payment method you've used.

If you want to be sure if your order succeeded or what its status is, please contact our support team.

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