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Returns Process

How can I return my product?

Warning! If you want to return a suit because (part of) the sizing is slightly off, please have a look at our information about returning due to size first. Chances are you can have your suit adjusted so that returning it is no longer necessary. If y

My suit doesn't quite fit, should I return it?

Not necessarily. If the fitting is only slightly off, chances are you can have your suit adjusted, so that returning is no longer necessary. It mostly depends on which part of the suit isn't quite fitting;. PantsIf the pants don't fit properly, you c

How long will it take to process my return?

As soon as our distribution center has received your return, we will always try our best to process it in a timely manner. Depending on the amount of returns that have to be processed at a given time, processing a return can take approximately 5 to 1

Should I keep hold of my tracking number when sending my return to you?

Yes! Please yes!. In general it is always good to be able to monitor your tracking, also when you want an update about the progress of your return. More importantly; in the unlikely event a postal company misplaces your parcel, your tracking number w

What is the status of my return (request)?

There are various points that can tell you how far along your return (request) is coming:. Return authorizationOnce you have sent in your request for a return authorization number, our customer support team will check your request and approve (or in

How do I know when my refund has been processed?

When your return has been processed, you will automatically receive a credit note from us per email. Once we've initiated your refund, these kinds of transactions take a couple of business days to process. It not only has to be processed by us, but a